Business Phone Systems

Hear that ring? It’s your new phone system.

We provide business-class phone systems utilizing Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. VoIP allows for the same (or better) call quality than analog phone systems at a fraction of the cost. Many of the features you would find in a traditional, proprietary, and expensive PBX (Private Branch Exchange) are available using free and open-source solutions.

VoIP telephones come in many different forms. There are classic desk phones, desk phones with enhanced features such as instant messaging and presence, computer-based ‘softphones,’ and ATAs – analog terminal adapters – which can connect analog telephones, fax machines, and even credit card terminals to your VoIP system.

International calling is also available with the same quality you’d find on a traditional system, but with much lower rates. VoIP allows you to terminate calls worldwide to land line, mobile, and satellite phones.

Already have an established number? Not a problem, we can port your existing telephone numbers to VoIP and the only thing you’ll miss is the monthly bill from your local phone company.

All of the features you want with a price tag that won’t make you cry:
– IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Menus
– Extensions
– Voicemail
– Time Conditions / Scheduling
– Fax to Email
– Call Forwarding
– On-Demand Caller ID
– Ring Groups